Monday, February 02, 2004

No it wasn't the Super Bowl

I have no Philippians post today. I took some time yesterday to begin converting the Job series into a book. I collected my posts and put them into a Word document. Call it a rough/rough draft. I have 115 pages of material. They say that you can eat an elephant one bite at a time (sorry PETA -- Pet Elephant Training Association), but I was amazed that I have that much material already. As I work through it, I will be improving the writing and expanding the material. I have ideas to balance my time between the daily blog and this book and I do plan to give priority to this blog, there just may be a few more down days.

I will be finishing up Philippians this week. What I plan to do next is to blog the material in a paper that you can already read online. It is called Hints, Allegories, and Mysteries - The New Testamant Quotes the Old. You are probably asking why I am doing such a thing. First, I believe that there are people who will read a daily blog, but not go off and read a whole paper. Second, A blog, through comments, opens the door for dialog and discussion. Third, I can add new material along the way. Fourth, I am deeply interested in Christianity developing a common Ecclesiology and Eschatology and today the fundamental dividing point is our Hermeneutics. We see Christianity differently because we have different rules for interpreting the Scriptures. I have been encouraged that both dispensational and covenant theologians have read and received this paper well. Those of you who are now interested could perhaps read the paper and then join the discussion. Fifth, goal four is lofty and perhaps impossible. I have not the seminary credentials -- only some 30 years of self study and reflection. I have not access to the various journals -- only a blog that can reach the world. This is not going to make a name for Nagid Ben Chesed or Don Curtis. In the first case, I did not develop this hermeneutic, the Jewish Rabbis of old did. In the second case, it will sow seeds that will bear fruit in others who have credentials and who have access. In the third case, there are already others who are speaking and dialoging in it. My goal is an increased unity on the body of Jesus the Messiah that includes a future for believing Jews as Jews. The practical outworking of this paper might be the development of a Pre-Post-A-millennial view that includes a restored and believing nation of Israel.

Till tomorrow then.


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