Monday, December 22, 2003

A rare second post

In the "Wish I had written that department" is this quote from VOX Day. Writing about the third installment of the Lord of the Rings:

Today, our civilization faces just such a challenge, with enemies within and without. America, the champion of the West, is challenged by the orcs of violent Islam, the would-be Sauron that is the United Nations, and its Nazgul – France, Germany, Russia and China. Nor should we forget our globalists in government, who, like Saruman, would betray everything to which they are sworn in an attempt to win the favor of the growing shadow.

We cannot all be Aragorn. But, perhaps we can each strive to be a Frodo, shouldering our lonely burden for the sake of those and that which we love. And we can hope for loyal companions such as the trusty Sam Gamgee, who will walk by our side, always ready to lift us up and carry us when we falter.

In this manner, we will persevere ... until the return of the King.

For any of you taken aback by the strong associations in this little piece, I would ask you to peruse a vision of emerging political correctness written over 50 years ago.


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