Monday, November 03, 2003

No book of Job post to today.

Last night on the way to work, as volunteers, at a ballet performance, my car was smashed in a very unusual accident. The driver of the other car had a prosthetic leg. He was parked in a lot across the street. He put his car in reverse, gently pressed the accelerator, and something about the prothesis caused him to be unable to get his foot off the gas. He came barreling backwards at high speeds, over a busy sidewalk and traffic in the left two lanes, and creamed me in the right. I believe the insurance company will total my car.

There is much to be thankful for. He was parked at a popular restaurant near a university. It was a beautiful day and people were out and about all over. He could just as easily hit a pedestrian or motorcycles as my car. With seat belts fastened a car is armor plating. No one was hurt in this accident, and it could have so easily been otherwise. Please pray for the other driver. He is very shaken and upset.

Between still having to work at the ballet--it was fun and we got to see the show for free--and handling towing and getting a ride home, I had not blogging time. I will pick it up tomorrow.


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