Monday, November 10, 2003

Matrix Revolutions

My sons and I plus some friends went to see Matrix Revolutions last night. We traveled some extra distance to see it in its IMAX format.


This third film carries the tone and mystique of the first. Unlike the second, in which the action scenes grew tiresome, the action footage in Revolutions was a good fit. It misses the interesting dialog from the second, but more of that would have interfered with this story.

In terms of bullet time cinematography--unless it was CGI--the frames capturing a fist moving through bullet time frozen rain was a remarkable scene.

There will be some that will look at the christianized elements in the Matrix and try to develop a Christian message from it. The names of Zion, Logos, Trinity, resonate with us. Neo assumes crucifixion poses several times in Revolutions. While these are interesting, the trilogy has had its Hindu, mythological, yin-yang, and Gnostic elements as well. Considering that Hinduism claims to be able to accommodate Christianity, we should not be overly impressed. The writer/producers of the Matrix may just be throwing in religious/philosophical ideas around for fun. They can get away with anything because in a software world, run by programs--and we all know from Mr. Gates how buggy such things can be--you do not need a cohesive and consistent universe. We must remember that the first matrix stated and the second and perhaps third imply that, "There is no spoon."

Still, this final film is a story well told. For fans of the first who were disappointed and worried by the second, I say, "Go see this and enjoy it."

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