Saturday, July 19, 2003

On Vacation

I am on vacation this week. This is a break from my regular job and the teaching and writing tasks that I just do. I would continue with at least the writing were it not for the disruption in the routines of life that make such things possible.

For those of you who like to stop by and would perhaps miss the daily offering, I have pulled together some suggestions from past posts.

Search Engines

This blog named Nagid Ben Chesed is often visited as a result of some search. Based on these incoming searches, I make the following recommendations:

  1. The most frequent search argument that brings people to visit Nagid Ben Chesed is "Judas Iscariot." You can read my perspectives on who he was and why he betrayed Jesus by clicking here.
  2. For those seeking pictures of "nagid women," I recommend that you read The Boundaries of Godly Sexuality. Taken to heart, it will improve your life. Do this before you get out the dictionary or run a spell checker.
  3. The supposed parody of Matthew's gospel is a very popular search. The fact that I wrote a timely article on the subject has given me great satisfaction.

Short Reads

  1. Music through the ages and in the Bible offers my conclusions regarding music in the church.
  2. My article drawn from the book Fahrenheit 451 is the most politically relevant of my posts.
  3. I encourage those who teach the scriptures to read this article, this article, and finally this one. Students of the Scriptures who have the nobility of the Bereans should read them as well.


  1. Most commented on series and the one causing greatest jump in readership is Creation and Science.
  2. If you ever wanted to know what Nagid Ben Chesed is all about, click here.

Grace and Peace to all of you.

<>< Test everything. Cling to what is good. ><>


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