Wednesday, April 23, 2003

No Hebrews Today

However, I invite you to re-visit an earlier post and read the comment trail.

Why did Job's friends attack him so viciously? Why did the Judean leadership accuse Jesus of casting out demons by the power of Satan? The answer is, in part, because new evidence challenged a deeply held worldview. Either the hearer had to adopt a new worldview or the facts had to give.

In the case of Job's friends, the world view could be represented by this sylogism:

  • If a man sins, God will bring suffering.
  • Job is suffering
  • Job has sinned

The logic of their world view was faulty, as the mistake in their sylogism clearly shows. There are other reasons that God brings suffering besides sin. However, until his friends saw this, they were accusing him of specific sins like taking bribes. The evidence of Job's integrity demanded that their world view change. They could not change their world view, so they attacked Job's integrity with imaginations.

In the case of the Jewish leadership, they could not refute Jesus' miracles, but they could not accept His assertion of equality with God. So they too, had to change the facts to keep their wordlview. Jesus did not heal and deliver people by the power of God, but by the power of the devil. I present this particular case in more detail here.

The comment trail in the above referenced post reflects the tenacity with which we can hold on to a world view. Of course, you will have to decide who is clinging.


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