Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Todd Hunter's Blog

Todd Hunter is blogging.

Say who?

Many of you may be familiar with the Vineyard movement which began some 20 odd years ago when John Wimber began pastoring the first Vineyard Church. Todd Hunter became a very close friend of John's and became the Director of the Association of Vineyard Churches when John Wimber died. I respected and learned from both men. After directing for awhile, Todd realized that his heart and his gifting were in church planting. So he resigned and went off to plant a church. I had no further word about him until I stumbled across his blog.

Thanks to Rachel Cunliffe and cre8d journal for having the link to his blog. I saw the name in her global community list and said to myself, "It couldn't be." I linked on over and had to do a lot of searching to know for sure.

Todd is someone worth getting to know.


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