Tuesday, March 18, 2003

On the Thoughts and Opinions Side

This is the second posting today on top of my regular lesson series. You can skip this stuff and go directly there by clicking here.

Those of you who follow regularly must wonder why I just don't have Biblical Reflections in my Blog title. In part, this is because no teacher can exclude himself from his teachings. So my thoughts on Christian living and other matters are implicitly in my Biblical Reflections.

It seemed good today, however, to share some musings that have travelled with me all day.

1. I have been thinking of Israel and how many times it has done things against the wishes of most countries in the U.N. Every time they have chosen a course of national interest, this august world body has soundly condemned them, while turning a blind eye to the abuses of Israel's enemies. In this, I have admired their strength of resolve and the wisdom they have had to avoid pandering to hostile world opinion.

And here we are in similar, though far from identical circumstances. Many are for us, even if many are against. Israel, except for our God blessed support, has stood alone many times. I am so glad that we have stood by that nation.

2. The trust that I must have in George W. Bush is analagous to faith in God. Just adjust the proportions appropriately to account for sound theology:

  • I have to trust that he is good and not following after his own interests.
  • I have to trust that he knows more about the situation than I do.
  • I have to trust that he has the wisdom to carry out plans of enormous importance to the world.

Now I know that my ultimate trust is in God, and that includes His guiding the directions of Bush, Saddam, Chirac, and all others. It's just that the trust that I have for George W. Bush is an active choice based on observation and evidence and hope. And so in the small thing, I see the larger. My faith in God must be just as much an active choice.

And on a lighter note, even though I thought I would never succumb to putting a "What kind of soap are you?" quiz on this blog, I have found that even I have a weakness for some variations. "What Bible book are you?" Here is my result followed by a chance for your own revelation.

You are Proverbs
You are Proverbs.

Which book of the Bible are you?
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