Monday, February 24, 2003

What's in a Name?

The name of this blog is "Nagid Ben Chesed." You pronounce it like Nah-Geed Ben Keh-sed. It means Leader son of Lovingkindness

I, of course, like to watch the world come to this blog. Well, it's not quite the world yet. I am always grateful for the visits by way of blogs4god, theoneforce, and flyovercountry.

The most intruguing of all visits come from search engines. Of these I have had 3. The first came by way of interest in the 12 apostles. The next 2, I am afraid, have come from some who cannot spell and have interests other than a Christian meditation. They are looking for "nagid women". The search delivers very disappointing results. Only Ben Chesed, apparently, is in the buff.

My hope is that they linger awhile before finding a dictionary.


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